Gynecology FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

About Gynecology Care

CHC Member Questions

CHC members who have gynecological concerns receive an initial consultation with our gynecologist without cost. After this initial consult and a CHC member has entered into care with the CHS gynecologist for additional treatment, the relationship is treated like every other specialist referral and fees are billed according to the CHS fee schedule. As of 1/1/2021, some insurance plans are accepted. See the Insurance section (include link) to see the health plans we accept or call the office.

CHC MemberCare is for primary care needs, whereas gynecological care is specialized. If you have a woman’s health concern and need a visit with the gynecologist to determine if specialized treatment is needed, the initial consultation will be considered a “covered” benefit of MemberCare and there will not be a fee assessed for it. You will be made aware of out-of-pocket costs for any additional testing or treatment prior to receiving those services.

Well Woman exams are included in MemberCare only when provided by a CHC physician. You will be responsible for the cost of the pap smear test and associated screenings. The cost of any tests or screenings will be disclosed to you prior to processing a specimen.

No. MemberCare includes annual Well Woman Exams but not the cost of the pap or additional treatment. You will be made aware of out-of-pocket costs for any additional testing or treatment.

No. Fees for services provided, prescribed, or ordered by non-CHS personnel are not included in CHC MemberCare. We will make every effort to inform you about fees associated with referrals.

No. A modest fee is assessed, and you will be informed of the cost prior to scheduling or receiving the ultrasound.

CHC is exclusively a primary care practice whose services are provided through MemberCare enrollment. CHS is a “daughter” organization that provides medical specialty services such as OB/GYN. CHC physicians refer patients to CHS just as they do for other specialty practices when appropriate.

General Gynecology Questions

Some insurances are accepted which are listed under the CHC Insurance section here.

Yes. A list of procedures/ surgeries is available from the CHS office or from the website under Gynecology Services.

For all self-pay patients (includes members of cost sharing groups), payment for the CHS doctor’s portion of the procedure/surgery is due on or before the day the procedure/surgery is to be performed. Insured patients will be billed through their insurance plan, however, any co-pay or co-insurance is due on or before the day the procedure/surgery is to be performed.

Yes. The IRS considers the fees for gynecological services a qualified medical expense.

Beginning January 1, 2021, CHS will begin accepting insurance reimbursement from several health plans. Check with the CHS office or website to see which plans are accepted. Otherwise, CHS will provide a detailed, coded invoice that you can submit to an insurer for reimbursement.